Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jorge the rat

I didn't start this blog unlit mid 2008 so I am going to catch up on things I wish I could have blogged about sooner.

Around Thanksgiving, 2007, we noticed that we had a rat(s) sharing our home. Started out with sounds in the wall and then little "calling cards" left around in various places. We have always had a problem with either mice or rats because we live in what used to be a rural area that has now become very urban with new homes popping up every day. We also have a wooded area and a large field across from our home.

Late one night I am sitting at the computer and I see something out of the corner of my eye. I quickly glanced over to the spot where I thought I saw something and of course there was nothing there. This happened several times before I actually saw the rat eating the dog food. The stinker would grab a piece of food and run away. So we put out traps. One day I asked "still no Jorge?" (Yes I named the rat) and Lynn said NOPE NOT YET. No takers on the peanut butter lathered traps. Not being one to give up on a plan, I kept setting the traps and never caught one of the little buggers. Finally we decide to put out poison (the last resort, I didn't want a rat dying in the wall).

Fast forward to Christmas Eve. A dear friend of mine came over to drop off a gift (with her son). I am sitting with my friend and her son. Lynn is in the kitchen with Walter. All of a sudden I hear this loud bang and Lynn disappeared behind the kitchen island. I had sort of an idea of what was going on but was afraid to ask. My friend looked at me, I looked at her with this sort of look that says "well I am not really sure that just happened." I cleared my throat and said "Lynn did you kill Jorge?" He stood up with a cast iron skillet in one hand and my kitchen rug in the other and said "yes and can these be washed?" Oh the mortification! My friend asked if she needed to leave (I can only imagine what she was thinking). I just said everything was OK and kept on with whatever we were talking about. ACK. Well I haven't heard from her since then.
I am sure she is just busy with work stuff.

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