Friday, August 22, 2008

Green Bag Lady

I have been following the Green Bag Lady blog since June. I don't have the skills to organize something like this but if anyone out there does maybe you could join her in the quest to make your own bags to use when shopping (and give a few away). I love my green Whole Foods and HEB bags. So far this amazing lady has made over 1700 bags and shipped them all over the United States (and several other countries) at NO CHARGE. (At this time she is "sewed out" and is not taking any new requests for bags)Here is her YouTube instructional video on how to make your own bag.

And here is the link to the pattern.
If you do make your own bags you can send an email to the Green Bag Lady (along with pictures) to let her know you are "doing your part" to GO GREEN. There is a link to her blog overthere on the right. >ôô<

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