Tuesday, August 12, 2008

WT mom or just not ready for a margarita?

So I wasn’t sure I needed to tell this story but I saw this “enter and win” on the Blissfully Domestic blog (http://www.blissfullydomestic.com/) and I had to do it. I need to win The White Trash Mom Handbook for my daughter-in-law. Wanna hear it? Here it be…

I just want to say right now that my step-son and his wife are really about the best parents in the world. She bakes all kinds of goodies at Christmas, birthdays, holidays etc. and he cooks. She admits she isn’t the best cook (awesome baker though) and that task should be left to him. She likes to decorate which means she is always either painting, rearranging the furniture, redoing the bathroom or picking out new art for the wall. Very Martha Stewart (in a better way than MS). They read to their kids, have meals at the table, take the kids everywhere and keep them safe.

A few weeks ago my darling daughter-in-law (stepson’s wife) invited me to a baby shower for a friend of hers. In the domestic bliss that follows being single she decided that having the shower at her house would be way more work than she was up to (and I agree, way easier to have it at a restaurant than your house because of all the obvious reasons and she has two kids, a girl almost 3 years old and a boy 4 months). So I agree to go to the shower (I really was excited to go out to an eatery with other girls instead of my oh-so-sweet husband). So the shower was great and after it was over daughter-in-law asked me if I wanted to stay and have a drink with her. Well, on top of the way fun shower I get to have a drink with one of my favorite people? That is a no brainer on a bad hair day. So we have our drink and she gets a sampler platter (lots of greasy food but who cares and it goes with a margarita). Because she is nursing she has not had any alcohol to drink in over a year. Well, when she gets home young son wants her attention. He will not settle down until she sits down with him and feeds him. About 10 minutes into feeding him (not to worry, this was previously pumped milk) she starts to feel sick (greasy food and margarita don’t mix I guess) and this comes on suddenly. Trying as hard as she can, there is no stopping the Wrath of Margarita. Realizing that she can’t get out of the recliner (where she is feeding the baby) she leans over the side of the chair and … well I think you can figure that part out. Step-son walks in and smells something amiss, but can’t figure out what is going on (she had put the baby down and cleaned up by then). So the next day step-son calls to tell the story. I can hear her in the back ground saying “yeah tell them I am the Mom of the year.” I guess we all have a little WT in us. If you are not laughing until you cry then you just don’t get how funny this whole thing is. Sorry!

Ok, so I didn’t want to tell that story because it really does make her mad at herself and she really is a great mom. She is about as far from WT as she can be but she is from Kentucky (not the hills she would insist) and knows all about WT. I really want to get (win) a copy of The White Trash Mom Handbook for her. I know she would LHAO. I know my little blog doesn’t get the traffic that other blogs get but I get two opportunities to win if I mention this here. So there you go, have to win the book and needed to tell the story of my darling daughter-in-law. >ôô<

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Geewiz said...

I am not only laughing but rolling. That is absolutely hilarious. I do feel sorry for her though. It is so hard to get your mother-in-laws approval. Which makes it even funnier when your mother-in-law knows what you do when the kids are not around. WT? NAH! I think she just wasn't ready for the grease and margarita.

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