Sunday, August 31, 2008

My dad is a hoot

I posted something about my dad that was too short when I first started this blog. He loves to make videos on the computer with pictures from family events. He adds music and cute filler. All of the things he creates are funny Funny FUNNY! A few months ago he started making videos from pictures and songs he finds on the Internet. Until today he has always burned them and sent them along to me. Today he posted his first video on YouTube. I guess many will not laugh as hard as I do when I get these videos but you have to remember he is almost 80 years old and I always laugh so hard I can't catch my breath.
He is in love with Norah Jones. I would say he has given us at least 8 videos with pictures that have her music in the back ground. Some of it is not suited for family viewing (which makes it oh so much more hysterical). He called me to let me know his video was up. He told me how to find it in a way I had missed before ("sort by" never even noticed it before he told me to look there). Daddy is always teaching me things from how to edit my videos to plugging a rat hole. So without further adieu, here is his first YouTube video. >ôô<

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