Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Meet the baby

Well I think I forgot to say anything about our dog, Cookie. She is a mini long hair dachshund (mini being an euphemism for small and fat). She is 9 years old and I love her to death. She was a gift to my son from a girlfriend in high school. When he went away to college I wouldn't let him take her. So he got 3 dogs to take her place but that is another story. She has us well trained. She won't get out of bed in the morning until I do. She has her own bed on the floor next to my side of the bed. For a very short time she slept with us, until she hurt her back jumping off the bed. When I leave for work she jumps on the sofa and doesn't move until I get home (this according to my husband). When he gets home she just picks her head up and looks at him like "ugh, you again?" As soon as I walk in the door she starts barking at me until I get her a treat. Then promptly at 5:16 (well something close to that) she sits down next to my husband and wont leave him alone until he takes her outside where she charges over to the fence to bark at the neighbor's dogs (irritates my husband to death). She will follow me into the kitchen when I cook waiting for me to drop something and boy she is FAST no chance to pick up anything that falls. She was really sick a few weeks ago (all better now). Her doggie doctor never didn't really figure out what was wrong with her ($600 later). So here she is... such a princess!

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Cookie's best bud and our other "baby" last year. His name was Cyrus and he was a mix of black lab and dalmation. He was so scared of Cookie when she was a puppy. It was cute. Here he is! >ôô<

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Anonymous said...

That blurry pic of your dog makes me laugh. It reminds me of how wild my dog can act sometimes. He, too, is a 9-year-old mini.

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