Friday, August 8, 2008

WT birdbath or is it a water feature?

A few years ago my youngest son decided I needed a hammock. He bought one and because there are no trees in my back yard he got the stuff he needed to put the hammock up. One of the things he got was a black tub (whatever) to mix cement in. When he was finished the black tub became a water bowl for the dogs. After we put Cyrus down my husband didn't want to keep using it as water bowl because it was too big (so what?) to use for Cookie. He wanted to get rid of it. Me being the worst pack rat ever hated the idea of throwing away anything that was not broken. I kept putting water in it and he kept dumping it out saying it was too big.

Well, my husband decided we needed a birdbath. He is afraid we are going to go to the poor house any day so he will not break down and buy one. One day, being the funny girl I am, I suggested we should put that black tub on the table in the back yard and fill it with water for the birds (mind you the birds had been using the black tub as a bird bath for years and I was kidding). I didn't expect him to say "what a great idea!"
Well the other day I looked in the back yard and there on the table was the black tub, filled with water, and five doves taking a bath. I was not fast enough to get a picture with them in it but here are the pictures of our new WT "bird bath."

Well yesterday he was outside with Cookie and he rushed in and said "if you fill it up all the way, just till the water is barely spilling over, when the wind kicks up you have a water feature!" (Mind you that is exactly what he said and I had to figure out what he was talking about.) Wow! Now that is multi purpose. So now I have a WT water feature. YIPPEE! >ôô<

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Anonymous said...

lol! i had no clue what WT was...but my 'nimble' mind finally figured it out. i love your bird bath/water feature. it's better than our bird bath--which is always upside down on the yard because the insane squirrels knock it over.

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