Thursday, August 7, 2008

New book by Johnny Bush

Whiskey River (Take My Mind): The True Story of Texas Honky-Tonk is the autobiography of Johnny Bush. I have not read the entire book yet but will at some time. Anyway, my husband is a musician. He will always be a musician but he doesn't play as much as he did when he was young and in fact now he has a "real job" now (something he didn't get until well after he was 40). When he was about 20 years old he played with Johnny. So my hubby was mentioned in the book and described as "incorrigible" and "rowdy" (nothing like he is now HAHA). When he saw that he said "what does incorrigible mean?" Kind of like "why did he say that?" I said "it means you are a pain in the ass" and he smiled and said "good." (See, he isn't incorrigible!) Oh the stories my husband can tell! He got drafted into the army around 1970 and during basic training he decided he need a "break" so he took two weeks off to play with Johnny, sort of like a vacation but more like AWOL. When he returned to the base they told him he would have to finish basic (he was scheduled to have two weeks off after basic but they took that back) and he would be docked a months pay. He asked them if they wanted cash, they weren't happy. (Mind you, I think he really did that but maybe the truth was a bit embelished.) He did finally finish his obligation and got an honorable discharge (and I am sure they were not trying too hard to get him to stay). This is the picture he got from the guys in the band when he was away at basic training. >ôô<

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