Saturday, August 2, 2008

Phone numbers

Does anyone remember when you could look at a phone number and know ABOUT where someone lived? I hate that there are so many new "exchanges" and cell phone numbers. I used to know what part of town someone lived in by the phone number and that made me happy. And what about phone books? I used to love my "little" phone book but it has been years since I have used one because you need a forklift to get it off the table. Why doesn't the phone company give up on them? The information there isn't any more current than what you can find on the Internet. And what about websites? I have gotten to the point I don't really want to even go to a business if they don't have a website where I can preview the stuff the have. I guess over all I am glad we have all of this (the Internet) at our fingertips but miss some of the things we had in the "old days." >ôô<

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