Friday, June 20, 2008

Craft stuff

It is nearly 2am and I had to do this before I go to bed. I don't have to work tomorrow, well I have things to do at home but I took the day off from work. I am working fast and furious to get some "craft" things done for mom. I am making things to donate to the garden club for the craft sale (I hope pictures will be here soon). So I always say (tongue in cheek) that I want to leave a really big foot print behind so people will know I was here. Well I decided to use old jeans and make "stuff" out of them. So I guess this is how I will minimize my footprint.

AMENDMENT... I wrote the above rambling crap 2 weeks or so ago. so much has happend since then but I wanted to post this anyway. Pics are here now. Crafts of all kinds! The craft sale was a success however I don't think that anything that I made was sold to anyone other than my family (they love my creations). Here they are!

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