Monday, June 16, 2008

Follow up to the trip to Sam's

I suppose I get along with everyone and Lynn's ex-wife (Karen) was no exception. I really did like her (she passed away from breast cancer in 2006). Karen stayed with James (Lynn's son)and his family during the last few weeks of her life. She took her final breath in his house (that is story for another day). James was over to see Lynn for Father's Day. When I got back from Sam's Lynn said "James tell her the story" and of course I was in the middle of putting groceries away. So I gave my stock answer "give me just a minute to finish this." Lynn is always saying "come see this" or "can you do this" while I am clearly busy with something else. After putting all the stuff away I sat down to hear the story. James started by saying that he had gone to lunch with Sandy (Lynn's sister). They talked about Karen and Jeanne (Lynn and Sandy's mom, James's grandmother). Jeanne passed away in December 2007. James said lunch was nice. Later that day, when he got home from work, he sat down to relax. While he was watching the news he saw something (some sort of reflection in a picture on the wall) out of the corner of his eye. He said he didn't see anything but the reflection in the glass and didn't really think anything of it. That night when he was putting his daughter to bed she looked over his shoulder and said "I see you grandma" and smiled. Well, she has never called anyone grandma (she calls her grandmothers by other names). Karen was the only person that was dubbed "grandma" and Laura was not very old when she passed away so she has never actually called anyone "grandma." James told Tess that story and she said "I have always felt that Karen is here." So after my odd encounter with the man at Sam's this was the icing on the cake. I told James that children seem to "see" things that adults don't because they don't know they are not supposed to see them. Maybe Karen is floating around in their house.

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