Sunday, June 15, 2008

I left people out

Well in my haste to get my first blog going I neglected to mention that I also have two step-kids. The oldest, a boy, is married with two children (a girl and a boy). The younger is a girl (Misty), married with three boys (so yeah count them up I have five step-grandkids). Love my step-daughter and her family but don't get to see them enough (about twice a year and they live less than twenty minutes away). I would love to see them more often but I am not very good at keeping in touch so there you go. Also love my step-son (James) and his family tons and do get to see them often and that is because they make the effort (and believe me thats not to say I don't want to make an effort I just get too envolved in junk around the house and forget there are other people in the world). I think I take after my daddy that way. So here are a few pics of them. I will start with James and family.
Here is James with the Tony Romo jersy I made him for christmas. That was funny. He wanted one really bad so I made him one. Very WT but funny. Of course I did give him the real thing as well.

And here they are with the newest addition to the family.

Here is Misty and family

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