Sunday, June 29, 2008

Celling fan woes

Well my oh so darling step-son James put in a new celling fan for me today for my birthday. Lynn bought it and James put it in so it was a gift from them both. I LOVE IT! I am really hoping it will reduce our electric bill. The switch and the way he wired it are sort of WT but what the heck. He didn't charge us and I can live with the 2 switches so close together. Did I say I LOVE IT? It is so funny when he helps us with electrical stuff he gets all "yes I am an electrician" and struts around moaning about how stupid the people were when they wired our house. Get to hear lots MFs. It was 3 hours of hell while he did it but again what the heck it is done. It isn't perfectly balanced but I think it is ok. He said I should not call him if it falls.
To date he has replaced most of the switches and outlets in our house. We are still waiting for him to do the bathrooms and kitchen (which he wont do unless we get the kind of plugs that trip).

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