Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My first post

Well, this is my first blog post. I have no idea where this will go or if it will go at all. I day dream about having a blog that will be seen by TONS of people looking for information (from a person that has way bad grammar and can't spell) about things that I have done and places I have been but have no real education in. I hope to tickle a funny bone or inspire a craft creation (why not dream big). Currently I am working on a quilt (or 5). I really have only finished 3 quilts but have made at least 15 tops (you understand if you like to sew). I have made stuffed animals and dolls (mostly donated to the Anderson Mill Garden Club) because I just love to make things. I am not creative but I do follow instructions well. I am currently trying to decorate aprons for a craft sale, the problem is I am NOT creative so I am stuck with 6 white aprons that need "flair" and have no idea what to do. My husband and I love to go to Port Aransas for fun. We wish we could buy a vacation home there but we would have to work 5 jobs each to afford that and then we would not have time for a vacation so we just settle for visiting twice a year. I have 2 children (boys) that alternately give me the most pleasure in life and drive me crazy. Another family member is the dog (my only "girl") Cookie. She is 9 years old and thinks she is a queen. People don't understand how much a dog can be like a person until they live with one. Cookie has created her own schedule. She won't get out of her bed until I get out of bed. She waits for me to come home each day on the top of the sofa and will bark until I pet her. Then she wants a treat and will not leave me alone until I give her one. At 6pm every evening she wants my husband to sit outside with her so she will sit at his feet and look at him until he takes her into the back yard. Well I will try to post pictures of things I have made and pictures I have taken soon but don't hold your breath. I hope I will enjoy the process of keeping up with a blog and not think of it as a chore. We shall see.

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Candy said...

Yay! I get to be your first commenter :) You ran into my blog about our visit to Anderson Mill. I don't know if your mother was one of the nice ladies there, but they were so very nice to my kids. The picture thing kind of stunk, hopefully they'll get a sign up there, maybe someone will donate one or something. It is needed for those of us that are photo freaks :-)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by our blog and welcome to the blogging world!

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