Friday, June 13, 2008

Blogs require WORK

In my quest to remain "anonymous/unsearchable" I have discovered that I can't keep up with the cute names I have made for myself. It was easy at first because lord knows that I am the ONLY clever person in the word (ha ha) that thinks of silly nicknames... NOT. I have discovered that all my cute names are taken and I have to be more creative. Well now I have lost track of who I am where. I am sure I have my space, face book, yahoo, Google, MSN and AOL accounts but the only one I can remember is AOL. I can only find myself on this blog if I do a Google search for blogs. UGH. POOP POOP POOP... I have now had 3 phone calls in an hour and WHY DO I ANSWER? Just an interruption to my creative juice (or something like that).

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