Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Walter thinks I am a good mom

A few days ago Walt called and we had a really long conversation.

Fade to black... Background info about his current girlfriend (Jodi, guessing at the spelling). She is 30 and has a 9 year old daughter. She works at a Chili's in Houston. One of the managers of the location where she works was killed a few weeks ago in the parking lot by a pissed off customer (another black cloud thing). That doesn't have so much to do with this story but thought I would point out the black cloud.

House lights up... So Walt and I had this long conversation about life. He told me he was getting old. I said "you should see life through these eyes." I don't think he got what I was saying. Anyway, I asked him why he thought he was old and he said he had been out to lunch and saw a bunch of girls with VERY short shorts and skimpy tops. He said a few years ago that would have "turned him on" but all he could think of now was "does your mother know you are dressed like that?"

We talked about how when he was in high school he did pretty much what he wanted and I never really set a curfew for what time he had to be home as long as he told me where he was going to be and when he would be home. He said he couldn't remeber the last time we argued (well I can, it was about 6 months ago). Anyway at the end of the conversation he told me that I was a good mom and he loved me.

I always thought that he would figure that out.

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