Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birthday party for Tess and Emma

So Sunday was Tess's birthday. A few weeks ago she said she wanted to go over to my parent's house for her birthday and have chili dogs and homemade ice cream. Because Emma's b-day was the 18th we decided to have a party for both of them. Well daddy found out a few weeks ago that he has clogged carotid arteries (one side 90% and the other 50% clogged). Since daddy if fairly worried about this mom thought it would be a good idea if I went over to their house to help make the chili and ice cream the day before. I agree that it is a good idea and so on Saturday I set off to help. Well I didn't help at all with the chili (daddy did that) but I did make the ice cream (you should "cook" the ice cream mix and chill it overnight). Daddy has an old hand crank ice cream maker and we all took turns turning the crank. After about 30 minutes we deemed the ice cream done and set off to eat the chili dogs. Oh, I also baked a cake on Sunday morning for the party. Well when it came time to eat the ice cream we discovered it was pretty soft (runny) and frozen solid at the bottom. Oh well, it was still really good. Daddy thinks we didn't pack enough ice over the top of the ice cream maker after we stopped cranking it. Over all we all had a great time, the chili was AWESOME as was the ice cream. My oldest son said (when I told him I was going to go help make the chili) "so grandpa is finally going to tell you his secret eh?" Well I still don't know that I have the "secret" because aside form a few things he does different (he adds stew meat chopped into small pieces and does not add onions or beans) I make mine the same way and it is not nearly as good. I think he sticks his finger in it and that makes all the difference. OH I almost forgot, we had tamales too cuz my oldest son loves em! >ôô<

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